Abigale Jones
Abigale Jones.

SOUTHINGTON, CT (WFSB) – The death of a recently-adopted kitten led to another arrest for an animal rescue owner.

Abigale Jones, 31, of Bristol, was charged with sale of an underage kitten and second-degree violation of conditions of release.

Police in Southington said they launched an investigation on Aug. 2.

A complaint reported that the kitten was adopted in July from the Tenderheart Rescue in Bristol. It was fostered in a home in Southington.

The woman who filed the complaint accused Jones, the owner of Tenderheart Rescue, of not being truthful about the kitten’s health or age ahead of the adoption.

She said Jones had the kitten’s age as being 8 weeks old and “ready to go.”

Veterinarian paperwork, however, showed the kitten to be closer to 6 weeks old at the time.

Before that was determined, the woman said she took the small kitten home on July 27 and noticed it appeared weak and had difficulty eating solid food. The kitten was found dead on Aug. 2.

Southington Animal Control was contacted at that point.

Animal control contacted Jones on Aug. 3, and she repeated that the kitten was 8 weeks old and in good health at the time of the adoption. She also denied being present at the time of the adoption.

However, investigators learned that Jones has been the person primarily responsible for caring for the animals and the adoptions.

They said they determined that Jones knew the kitten was underage and failed to mention it to the adopter. They said that it likely led to the kitten not getting the special attention it needed, such as kitten formula, which contributed to its declining health and eventual death.

An arrest warrant was granted.

Jones was arrested on Aug. 17 when she turned herself in to Southington police.

She was held on a court-set bond of $50,000.

Jones was arrested last November in connection with the deaths of multiple kittens that were in her care.

An arrest warrant said Jones admitted to administering “medications and fluids to her animals, though it’s not always under a veterinarian’s direction.”

Jones told Channel 3 at the time that she was a big animal lover and advocate.

“I have been falsely accused of outlandish accusations and that will be proven in court,” she said.

That case is still going through the court system.